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How it Works...

‘’ is an internet web site specialized in the sell and purchase by auction of postage stamps. Everyone is allowed to become a registered user at which time the user menu system will become active. Within this menu a user has but to choose the desired option and they will then be guided in the steps required to complete the accounting, bidding, or listing operations.

The home page of our website displays in chronological order the different lots that one can place a purchase bid upon. Two display listing are provided; the 'live bid board' (on option purchased during the listing process) which displays the eight selling lots that are the soonest to finish their bidding cycle, and the 'ending soonest' board which displays all available lots in the order their bidding cycle will end. By clicking on a lot the user is brought to a screen of details where one can place a bid during the auction.

On the home page of our site the user will find six tabs used to control their navigation process. In order these tabs are:
      The user is returned to the site home page.
      The screen which appears allows the user to enter selection criteria for the selection of specific lots
      Displays those options available to a seller.
    My Account:
      All lot and transaction information for the logged-in user is accessible with-in this tab.
      The costs incurred during the lot listing and selling process are explained here.
    Contact Us:
      Information you can use to reach the Karl Marquis Philately team.
To the upper right of the front page screen is a tab which displays the log-in or log-out status of the user. By clicking on this tab logging operations are performed.

The register tab invites the user to become a registered user by recording all the required information.

Sniper Agent, found in the top right hand corner of the front page, is a user utility which allows the user to place a sniper bid on a lot.
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