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Welcome to my store (Papa2toes's STORE)


 All stamps other than NZ,  Use Stamp World on line cat after 1940s e and 2020 Commonwealth 1840-1970 and Scott cat 2020 world specialised 1840-1940 numbers have been used . The SG simplified is really redundant. It is much better giving wmks perfs etc.for the more modern.Also use British Commonwealth Revenues Barefoot 2012.
All NZ stamps the Campbell Paterson cat numbers have been used and cat value converted to $US
Each catalogue used has pricing stronger than the others in different areas, Scott prices are much stronger than any of the others in USA, and Canada cat values.SG always stronger in say GB and Europe prices than others, and of course Campbell Paterson strong in New Zealand.For specialised I am finding The Scott 1840-1940 very handy.In assessing NZ stamp sometimes all cats are referred to to give a fair pricing although value in $US of NZ cat value

Postage is generally free to Anywhere,up to A4 size 10mm thickness less than 200gm weight.Overseas is sent by Airmail , and if over $US150 will be sent by Registered Airmail (No tracking).no charge In NZ by Standard Post (As Fast Post no longer avaiable) and if over $NZ150 will be sent by signed for courier no charge.

Overseas will pay in $US to Paypal email account or other options mentioned
NZ Bidders PAYMENT BY INTERNET BANKING IS PREFERRED IN NZ$ (Converted from the Auction of $US to NZ currency (Account information will be given)
Delivery IN NZ usually 1day after notification when sent. OVERSEAS usually after notification as being sent 5-10 up to 21 days and over the Peak Season DEC/JAN can be even longer and over 28days classed as overdue (Please get intouch if that happens)

Presently I have changed Circuit Book II into a Buy Now with option to Offer a price.  Items on for a month but put in at random times.That is now a Store item.I will also be offering better material this way as well.I am finding better to offer some material this way and appears to be working well. 

 I give FEEDBACKS normally when I have been paid  and no feed back I have not received payment yet.(Remember sometimes the KMP Checkout does not complete at Paypal, so if you know that has happened or get an email from me firstly check your Paypal account to see that the payment did no go through, then send a payment or I could send a Paypal invoice at that point)

    I looking at format I might continue,
I am thinking putting up to 100 items as auction at one time maybe monthly or other cycle. At present I have been concentrating in the New Zealand market 
As postage has increased and delivery time in postage delivery appears not to extent beyond 4 weeks maximum .By putting and hopefully selling more at one time will increase the average of the number of items sent per postage item, so I can offer FREE POSTAGE STILL.
After 1 week after Auction if not received payment  through kmp checkout I will send a Paypal invoice .


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